IPSI has developed its own innovative Software Solutions to help administer your book. These systems, which are currently supporting all of IPSIs clients, allow us to provide solutions for a broad range of financial transactions and fund structures; including policy quotation, policy administration, transaction management, reconciliations, NAV calculation, and both Financial and Regulatory Reporting.

Our platforms, technologies and systems are a blend of IPSI developed software applications and reputable licensed applications. Our systems are multi-territory, multi- currency and multi-lingual.

Here are Our Platforms

  • Policy Insight is an IPSI developed web application that allows data capture, update and review and links via web services to IPSI’s policy administration system.
  • CLOAS.NET is our policy administration system is a descendant of an original CLOAS policy administration package as licensed by CSC. This application has been the trusted backbone of IPSI’s TPA service delivery over the last two decades, with the evolutionary introduction of a huge amount of new functionality to supplement the already functionally-rich base product. It has supported business growth throughout Europe across a broad spectrum of life assurance, pensions and investment products from basic term assurance through to full open architecture investment products. IPSI has a strategy of continuous investment in our platforms, most recently re-platforming from mainframe to .NET and currently with the creation of a suite of automated quality assurance and regression testing tools.
  • DataVision is IPSI’s Data Warehouse and Data Analytics tool.
  • FundVision is IPSI-developed software which looks after the investment administration.  It is lightly coupled with CLOAS in providing the full end-to-end TPA service, managing unit pricing, trading, custodian and asset manager relationships etc.  Its capabilities have expanded significantly in the last number of years with the rise in open architecture products allowing investment in a very broad universe of assets.

If you are interested in finding out more about our platforms then contact us here.