Over the years, IPSI has developed its own innovative Fund Administration Software solution, known as FundVision. The system, which currently supports all of our T.P.A. clients, allows us to provide solutions for a broad range of financial transactions and fund structures. These include Premiums and Claims Transaction management, Investments Trading, Treasury Management, Reconciliations, NAV Calculation, Investment Information, and both Financial and Regulatory Reporting.

The below list are just some of the areas that the IPSI Fund Accounting Department, who operate on this system, can help you with:

  • Fund Administration Outsourcing
  • Account for assets underlying policyholder investments
  • Strike daily unit prices for life office funds
  • Place buy and sell orders based on client instructions
  • Settlement, control and reconciliation of assets
  • Direct administration links to most major fund managers in Europe & the US

Our professional and experienced Fund Operations Team and Financial Software Development team will work with you to provide software and operational solutions for the full range of outsourced processes.  In-house system development allows for quick and efficient changes to be made that meet your needs.

If you are interested in finding out more then contact us here.